Special Steel Wholesaler
Since 1987

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Steel wholesaler of construction steel & special steel

Specializing in alloyed construction steel.

Special Steel Wholesaler
Since 1987

Other products we work with from stock include:

Tool Steel

Tool steel is a group of steels used for various tool applications and divided by their main areas of use.

Stainless Steel Rod

Stainless steel is a group of steels used for various purposes and divided by their microstructure and main areas of use.

Unalloyed Construction Steel with Automatic Steel

Construction steel is a group of steels used for various applications and divided by their main areas of use.

Pre-processed and Fine-processed Plates

These plates are processed metal products for various industrial uses, from basic processing to plates with a higher finish and tolerance.

Aluminum Rod and Brass

Aluminum rod is a lightweight, corrosion-resistant metal for the automotive, aerospace, and engineering industries. Brass is popular for its machinability and resistance.

Business Focus

In addition to pure traditional wholesale operations, we develop and adapt our products from a base of pure steel rods to customized designs on both product properties and shape properties. We do this with the help of various subcontractors specialized in their respective fields. We, of course, take full responsibility for this refinement.

In our premises in Stockholm, we have a large machine park consisting of a number of band saws with a capacity of up to 430x430mm. Today we perform a large number of series and piece caps for our existing customers, with high precision and short delivery times.

Our Business Idea - Leading Steel Wholesaler

Precisionstål should be the leading steel wholesaler delivering special steel and metals in Sweden. We will be the spearhead supplier of special steel products to selected customers in Sweden and Europe. Precisionstål should specialize in materials with precision in both shape and performance and should have a large range of items in our warehouse in northwest Stockholm. Through good customer relationships and market activities, we should be able to reach a large number of customers in Sweden and parts of Europe.